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Do It Yourself

What could be easier? Order your print and select a stretcher bar and that’s it, we'll do the rest. The 1 1/2" stretcher bars (depth to the wall) are shown here with a smaller photo of the 3/4" bars (upper right). Depending on the size and length you choose, cross braces will be included at no extra charge. The corners tap together snugly and no glue or nails are required. Just square them up and stretch your print around the smooth edges. We'll give you more info later.

"Print & Send a DIY Stretcher Bar Kit"

  • Low cost flat rate shipping.
    (The prints ride free!)
  • There's no handling fees, which is fair.
  • There's superb quality, which you'd expect.
  • There's lowest prices, which is really awesome!

Sample Prices for 1 Print including bars.
Use our Price Calculator to get Instant Quotes!
The more kits you order, the less they cost.

Print, with 3/4" stretcher bar kit
11x14 = $20.48
16x20 = $22.30
18x18 = $28.10
20x20 = $26.57
20x24 = $29.77
24x36 = $49.19
30x40 = $67.39
36x48 = $88.60
Print, with 1 1/2" stretcher bar kit
11x14 = $23.82
16x20 = $26.60
18x18 = $28.15
20x20 = $31.67
20x24 = $36.40
24x36 = $55.50
30x40 = $80.51
36x48 = $105.80

Options & Shipping are calculated during the order process.

We’ll help you through a simple process that allows you to see how your image looks - right online. You’ll also know exactly how much it costs for your prints (how little, in our case) before you order.

Let’s Get Started

After you select a few options, upload your photo, crop it the way you like and you’re happy with what you created, smile and place your order. Once it arrives at Photo2Canvas2U, we'll carefully process your order, and after it passes quality control, it's expeditiously sent to you, via FedEx.